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A.J. Green thinks a long-term extension can happen before the franchise tag

“That’s not me. I just want to play football,” said A.J. Green on whether he'll sit out. “I’m not in any rush. I’m pretty sure they’re [the Bengals] are going to try and get something done before the season.”

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The amount of money Cincinnati could put on the table for wide receiver A.J. Green will be significant. Whether it's the projected $14 million cost for the franchise tag or a long-term deal that will compete with Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas and Julio Jones (all of whom are having contract discussions), Green figures to be the recipient of one of the biggest deals in franchise history.

And Green thinks a long-term deal could be struck before the franchise tag (which happens about a month before free agency, for him in 2016) becomes a factor, Geoff Hobson with writes:

Green could be tagged at this time next year, too, but he thinks he and the Bengals can strike a long-term deal before that happens. Sitting out now didn't cross his mind this year, when he’s slated to make $10.4 million. "That’s not me. I just want to play football," Green said. "I’m not in any rush. I’m pretty sure they’re (the Bengals) are going to try and get something done before the season."

Some believe there's a game of chicken being played between Bryant, Jones, Thomas and Green, suggesting that the first player to sign an extension will thus become the "floor", strengthening the negotiation power among the remaining receivers.

In other words, if Green signs an extension this weekend (he won't), the representatives for Thomas, Bryant and Jones would cite Green's deal as a floor. By the time these extensions are completed, Green could be the lowest paid of those superstars, if he inks a new deal first. Green's representatives met with the Bengals in February to "discuss signing him to a long-term deal" but those discussions were fruitless. It's also worth noting that Green is represented by super sports agent Tom Condon, who is also the agent for Bryant.