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Update on Leah Still

Leah Still continues to bounce back from a setback in her cancer treatment.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, Leah Still had a setback in her cancer treatment last week, when she was diagnosed with VOD.

Leah and Devon posted on Instagram late Monday night, and while Leah "can't really talk", it appeared to be a positive update, with Leah giving a thumbs up to her supporters and those wishing her well.

However, Devon posted this update today on sqor:

Who would of known that exactly one year ago when I took this pic at the hospital that things would never be the same. It brings back a lot of bad memories and pain. Looking forward to the one year anniversary of March 25 because today is just not a good day #LeahStrong

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Leah's cancer diagnosis, which has been a roller coaster ride for the Still family. On March 25, Leah found out that she had no remaining evidence of cancer in her body. That great news was followed up with a stem cell transplant, which began in early May, right around the time that Leah turned five-years-old. Her recent diagnosis of VOD was caused by the stem cell transplant procedure.

Over the weekend, Devon got a tattoo of Leah to commemorate her fight against pediatric cancer, which she's been battling for over a year now. Devon continues to be with Leah as the Bengals open up their second week of OTAs, and we probably won't see them back in Cincinnati soon as Leah continues her treatment.