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Marvin Lewis not a fan of new PAT rule

Marvin Lewis is applying the if it's not broke, don't fix it, philosophy to the NFL's new Point After Touchdown rule.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Lewis may sit on the Competition Committee, which approved an NFL rule change moving the Point After Touchdown from the two-yard line to the 15 yard line, but that doesn't mean he's actually a fan of the change in the game.

After the Bengals finished out today's practice, part of the second week of OTAs, Lewis told the media, "I haven’t been for it. There’s nothing wrong with what we had. It’s a disadvantage for our division because we play in it all the time."

Lewis is referring to the negative effects weather can have on kicking the football and that all four AFC North teams have outdoor stadiums. Lewis also believes the rule change will force more two-point plays, per Geoff Hobson:

Lewis says teams are going to have to add more two-point plays and practice defending them more since "there’ll be more two-point plays because there’ll be one-point misses." He also said the cold weather is going to contribute to the rise of the two-pointer.

In May, Bengals placekicker, Mike Nugent shared his opinion on the rule change, which he too doesn't seem to fully agree with. "I understand the logic behind it. It makes sense. But I guess where I would disagree with it is it’s an offensive-driven game in every way. People want to see Andy Dalton throw for 500 yards. It’s a points-driven industry. You can make the argument scooting us back makes the game more difficult."

Does this mean we can expect to see more two-point conversions from the Bengals in 2015? It appears so.