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Still family celebrating Leah's return home after setback in cancer treatment

Minor setback for a major comeback for Leah Still in her battle with cancer.

Leah Still is back home with Devon after the two finally got to leave the hospital Monday.

Leah had spent 50 days in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as the result of a complication with her cancer treatment when she was diagnosed with VOD. She's back home now, and it's a celebration in the Still household, as Devon posted on Instagram:

Waiting for her arrival #ICouldntHaveHerWalkIntoARegularHouse

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It's also come with Devon being on a small break from the Bengals, who just wrapped up their Organized Team Activities. He's now got a month to spend with Leah before coming back to Cincinnati for training camp.

Leah is currently in remission from her pediatric cancer. She'll continue stem-cell treatments and immunotherapy for now as doctors try to ensure the diseases is completely eradicated from her body.