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Bengals Bites (6/25) - Peyton Manning

One story has the Broncos quarterback reaching out to a grieving family. Another has him on the trade block earlier this off-season and quite possibly next season. Tom Brady's testimony not as glowing as supporters would like to believe.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Teen killed by drunk driver receives birthday gift from Peyton M - Tri-State News, Weather & Sports
Tuesday would have been Logan Brown's 16th birthday. The family received a gift that Logan would have considered-a gift of a lifetime. Peyton Manning sent the family a handwritten letter and an autographed picture. Manning was one of Logan's favorite football players.

Pierre Garcon, Redskins’ ‘forgotten man,’ is expected to make resurgence in 2015 - The Washington Post
Though it’s unwise to make sweeping inferences from a few offseason workouts, there were signs, as the Redskins wrapped up last week’s minicamp, that Garcon will be featured more prominently in the 2015 game plan as Coach Jay Gruden attempts to rally from his 4-12 debut as a rookie NFL head coach.

What's Going On With The Broncos And Peyton Manning?
The Broncos’ payroll is set up for this to be the last season before a serious rebuilding—but Manning is still under contract for 2016 for another $19M (and a cap hit even worse than that). Assuming anything close to his expected regression this season, Denver’s going to be even more eager to get out from under that deal. Maybe that could look like a trade, maybe an outright release, or just another demand for a pay cut, but this year Manning will be doing something he hasn’t done in a long while: playing for a contract.

League’s reaction to Tom Brady testimony not as glowing | ProFootballTalk
Per a league source, Brady simply reiterated his denial regarding any involvement in or knowledge of whatever it was that John Jastremski and Jim McNally may have been doing with the team’s footballs. When pressed on certain facts relating to Brady’s potential knowledge or involvement, the answers were regarded by some in the room (i.e., some who aren’t paid to exonerate Brady) as not entirely credible.

Three things to note about the Cincinnati Bengals newest QB | Cincinnati Bengals
As of today, the Bengals official Twitter handle tweeted out that they have signed former Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning. But what you probably didn’t know, was how big of a stud he was when he was at Ball State.

Cincinnati Bengals preview and predictions: Weeks 10- 13 | isportsweb
Here is the next installment of previews and predictions for the upcoming Cincinnati Bengals season. As of now, I have them at 4-4, halfway through the season. This next stretch of four games will have the Bengals playing back-to-back games against the tough NFC West along with their second matchup of the season against the Cleveland Browns.

Cincinnati Bengals' Offseason State of the Union | Bleacher Report
The Cincinnati Bengals head into the summer looking to reach 100 percent from a health standpoint while beginning to mesh many moving pieces together, the goal another postseason appearance.