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Michael Johnson donates to middle school in Selma

Michael Johnson helped a Selma middle school get a new computer lab installed.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Michael Johnson is once again stepping up for a good cause in his hometown of Selma, Alabama.

Johnson has a noted history of helping out the community in Selma. His latest donation involves helping a local middle school to get a new computer lab.

The Selma Times-Journal first reported the story:

Johnson donated the funds needed to install a new computer lab at Martin Middle School. It’s hard to imagine the donation coming at a better time. The computers were so old that they couldn’t even be upgraded. County IT employees had even made the decision to disconnect them from the Internet so they weren’t at risk for a virus.

The 24 new desktop machines will allow more students to do reading and math tests and enrichment at the same time. The lab previously only had seven or eight computers.

With today's technology, computers are an essential learning tool for students of all ages. It's great to see Johnson helping a school in his hometown to gain the proper tools for their students.

Johnson is involved in several other charitable organizations, including the Selma Let’s Move Initiative, Brotherhood of Excellence, and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati. You can read more about Johnson's efforts on his official website.