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Bengals ticket prices down on secondary market

Is the Bengals lack of postseason success causing a drop in ticket prices on the secondary market? According to TiqIQ, the answer is yes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014 the average ticket price for a Bengals home game purchased on the secondary market was $145.70. So far, for 2015 that number is spiraling downward, with current prices averaging $134.41, according to TiqIQ, a website that sells sports, concert, theater and event tickets.

A recent Forbes article takes on the opinion that the 7.7% decrease in average ticket sales is due to the lack of postseason success the Bengals have experienced during the past six years. Even as the team has won nine or more regular season games for each of the last four years, that hasn't proven enough of a reason to raise ticket prices.

This year's average ticket price is lower than 2012 ticket averages, but more expensive than the average Bengals ticket in 2013. If the 2015 regular season resembles 2013 when the Bengals won the AFC North, I don't think anyone would complain. The playoffs are a different discussion.

According to Forbes, the most expensive game to attend at Paul Brown Stadium this year will be the Bengals Week 5 matchup against the Seahawks. The average ticket price for the game is $163.36, 21.5% more than the regular season average for the Bengals. The second and third most expensive games for the Bengals this season will be the Steelers and Browns games respectively.

As for the least expensive game during the Bengals' regular season, that recognition, per TiqIQ goes to the St. Louis Rams game Week 12.

Comparatively, Steelers tickets on the secondary market are currently 15% more expensive than last season, on average, with current average prices as high as $251.51. That's more than $100 higher than the average Bengals ticket prices.

Sometimes, living in a small city with low expectations has it's benefits. Hopefully the Bengals' 2015 play exceeds not only ticket pricing expectations, but expectations for the team, too.