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Bengals Bites (6/27) - Under Pressure

The Bengals tickets have become a little more affordable on the secondary market. Are the Bengals under pressure? NFL looking for nice spots in Los Angeles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After Four Consecutive First-Round Playoff Losses, 2015 Bengals Tickets Down 8% On Secondary Market
The Cincinnati Bengals have made the playoffs in five of the past six seasons. In those five appearances, separated by a forgettable 4-12 season in 2010, they have no playoff wins. Cincinnati had improved its win total in each of the past three seasons before a one-win drop off from 2013 to 2014. That, however, was a result of a tie which kept Cincinnati’s 2014 regular season record at 10-5-1. It appears that the team’s recent shortcomings in the playoffs hold more weight than recent regular season success when it comes to ticket prices on the secondary market.

Cincinnati Bengals: Who's Under the Most Pressure in 2014?
In 2014, the Cincinnati Bengals became the first team in NFL Playoffs history to lose four consecutive opening-round games. Cincinnati also reached the playoffs for a fourth consecutive season—something it had never done before. We can spin it whichever way we please, but the reality is clear as day for Bengals fans and detractors: Cincinnati is under as much pressure to perform in 2015 as any team in the NFL.

A day with Melvin Gordon at the Pro Football Hall of Fame | NFL | Sporting News
Derron Smith had a question for Melvin Gordon at the NFL Rookie Symposium.

NFL pursues plans for temporary venues in L.A. market for 2016 season - LA Times
The league on Thursday began issuing proposal requests to multiple venues in Southern California — among them the Coliseum and Rose Bowl — with the intent of securing a temporary home for a team (or teams) for the 2016 season in the event of a return to the market.

Report: Russell Wilson not Interested in Colin Kaepernick Type Contract -
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed a team-friendly contract extension prior to last season. While the deal called for $61 million in guarantees, it enables San Francisco to get out from under the deal every year without paying out any guaranteed cash beyond that season. Kaepernick’s deal also has annual de-escalator terms should he not reach certain thresholds.

Malik Zaire Receives Warning From Ohio State Linebacker
You have to give Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire props, he definitely doesn’t lack any confidence. Tuesday morning, the junior woke up and had this message for the rest of college football.

Frank Clark decries "people trying to throw dirt" over domestic violence | ProFootballTalk
Seahawks rookie Frank Clark was chosen in the second round of the NFL draft despite getting kicked off the team at Michigan following a domestic violence arrest. Clark seems to think those who have criticized the Seahawks for drafting him are unfairly singling him out.