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ESPN 2014 draft re-ranking: Jeremy Hill No. 21 overall

ESPN NFL reporter Mike Sando re-ranked prospects from the 2014 NFL draft; the Cincinnati Bengals had one inclusion, and it wasn't the player selected in the first round.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn't love a re-draft?

Maybe it's for giggles, grins or other infatuations. Mel Kiper Jr. is reliable for such entries -- in one of his recent re-drafting rendition, he had the Cincinnati Bengals drafting center Alex Mack in the 2009 NFL draft, writing that he was a "starter from day one, and has quietly been one of the best centers in the league every single year since 2009." Cincinnati selected Andre Smith that year and waited as the veteran right tackle slowly learned the tole of playing in the NFL -- such as the need to take care of yourself to prevent injuries (or at the very least help recover quicker).

Mike Sando with ESPN applies a different approach; though it's familiar, if not an entertaining baseline to kickoff some debate. Rather than re-drafting, he re-ranks NFL players from the 2014 NFL draft and places Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill at No. 21 overall.

Hill made it through his rookie season without incident after entering the 2014 draft carrying off-field concerns, including a 2011 charge for sexual assault. His talent was never in question.

If you're looking for cornerback Darqueze Dennard, keep searching. Sando's re-ranking places Cincinnati's first-round corner outside of the top-25.