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What Is This Cap - Bengals 2015 Edition

Taking a look at the 2015 salary cap for the Cincinnati Bengals, we breakdown the cap hit by position group and then by individual players.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We know the Bengals have plenty of cap room for 2015. They may need the majority of this space to sign future players and resign big name guys to extensions to help the future of the team. There is time to discuss that aspect of the financials and we will be inundated with it as it happens.

What about the other piece of the cap. You know, the cash that the team is already spending. Where does the majority of this cash get claimed? Are the position groups at the top of the list the ones you'd expect to be taking up the most money? Imagine we are chatting about this over your favorite beverage. I will play the part of... well, me. The quoted questions are what I assume the average Bengals fan would be asking -- AKA you.

"So what group of players holds the biggest hit against the cap?" The number one position group monopolizing cap dollars is cornerback. Closely followed by the defensive tackles and wide receivers.

I know what you are thinking: "Hey WhoDeyFans, isn't the top position the quarterbacks? I thought Dalton was getting paid like $100 million or something." Well, the quarterback position is the 6th highest paid group on the list. Based on the number of players, they rank high with an average of $2,577,603 per player for the 2015 season.

"Two and a half million a season for that group? That's nuts right?" Not really, compare that to the $3,656,250 the right tackles are making. That seems a bit high for the position. The punter also has a bigger individual cap hit and the outside linebackers are very close behind at $2,279,134.

"So what is the least paid position?" Easy, Fullback. A cool $3,333 is earmarked for the position in 2015. Take a look at the image below, here is how the cap breakdown looks for the Bengals for the upcoming season.

Team Cap

Let's turn the page and peek at the individual side of the cap. Which players account for the biggest cap hits in 2015?

"This has to be Dalton, right?" Nah, Andy has the third biggest cap hit. Not too bad for your signal caller. "Yeah, but he's a bum!". Let's save that discussion for a different article...

A.J. Green accounts for the largest cap hit this upcoming season. His $10.1 million dollar cap hit is all base salary. Big Geno Atkins comes in with the fourth largest cap hit with a cool $9 million dollar.

The right and left tackle combination of Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth make up the sixth and seventh spots respectively with $6+ million dollar hits.

Vontaze Burfict, Clint Boling and Carlos Dunlap round out your top 10 for the current season cap hit. There you have it, all nice, neat and presented for....

"Wait a minute, I didn't see a number two or number five listed. Are you keeping something from me?"

Sigh, Leon Hall accounts for the number two spot on this list. With a $9.6 million hit against the 2015 cap, you hope he can play to match that amount. The truth is, he may not even start.

No. 5 is Rey Maualuga with a $7.1 million cap hit for 2105. I didn't want to upset you with the last two guys. You can argue their importance to the team; based on who the Bengals have on the roster, they may be leaned on this season to fill a role. However, I can't make an argument that they should be among the top 5 highest paid players on the 2015 roster. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, leave any follow up thoughts in the comments.

Individual cap