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2015 NFL Supplemental Draft Date Set

Since 1977, there has been one Hall of Famer (WR Cris Carter) and seven Pro Bowlers selected from the NFL Supplemental Draft.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft will take place next week on July 9th, the league announced Tuesday.

This is the annual draft that's often used for college players who find themselves in some form of trouble (legally, athletically, or academically) after the NFL draft. One recent example of this was former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. He decided to declare for the supplemental draft after facing an NCAA investigation in 2011.

A year before that, BYU RB Harvey Unga and Illinois DT Josh Brent declared. Brent was academically ineligible that year, while Unga was expelled from his school.

The process for the draft order is fairly simple. Prior to the supplemental draft, the NFL will hold a draft lottery in which the worst teams will be weighted more to receive better opportunities to pick higher; the Buccaneers will have their name in the drawing 32 times, the Titans 31, the Jaguars 30, so on and so forth.

The draft starts with the 10 worst teams (based on the 2014 NFL draft order) in the first drawing, picking the order to select first through tenth. There's a second drawing with the 10 worst teams after that. The third drawing will feature the 12 playoff teams from last season.

Once that's determined, the draft starts. Teams submit bids for certain players in certain rounds without knowledge of what other teams are doing, much like a blind auction. The highest bid, wins. The price that's paid comes in the form of a draft pick next year.

A team that successfully bids on a player in the draft loses that corresponding round's pick in next year's draft. For example, the Bengals gave up their third-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft after selecting Virginia LB Ahmad Brooks in the third round of the 2006 Supplemental Draft.

There hasn't been a supplemental selection made since the Cleveland Browns spent a second-round pick on Josh Gordon out of Baylor in 2012.

The players reportedly taking part in this year's supplemental draft are West Georgia DT Dalvon Stuckley, West Georgia DE Darrius Caldwell, North Carolina Central WR Adrian Wilkins and Clemson OT Isaiah Battle.