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Best/worst quarterback roster in franchise history

This is for you. We're asking you, which Bengals quarterback roster was the best and worst in franchise history?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Cincinnati seems to have a nice problem at their quarterback position this year. Andy Dalton (a two-time Pro Bowler) is starting over AJ McCarron and Terrelle Pryor, both of whom have already been promoted as eventual saviors once (or if) Cincinnati releases Dalton. Am I being facetious? Did I spell facetious right the first time?

Regardless, here's an interesting topic for those of us that claim ourselves as victims of the ol' 90s crew:

Boy, do we have lists.

Worst quarterback roster?

Let's not limit this to worst either -- we like to promote ourselves as positive spinsters.

Let's talk about the Bengals' best quarterback roster, too.