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Cincinnati ranks No. 12 as most-cursed sports city

The New York Times ranked the most-cursed sports city in the country and predictably, Cincinnati is one of the named cities... not for it's history, rather the last two to three decades.

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Are we the most cursed sports city in America?

Of course not. Despite nearly three decades since their last appearance, the Bengals have been to two Super Bowls (more than a lot of NFL teams can say). The Reds have won five World Series (1919, 1940, 1975, 1976, 1990) and appeared in four others (lost in 1939 and 1961 to the Yankees, 1970 to the Orioles and 1972 to the Athletics). If we're including collegiate sports, the University of Cincinnati has two NCAA championships.

Cursed? No. Down on our luck lately? Absolutely.

The New York Times' The Upshot, listed the most cursed cities in sports and ranks Cincinnati at No. 12.

Cincinnati is another city whose sports teams were once envied by fans elsewhere. Oscar Robertson made the N.B.A.'s Royals a team to watch, before they fled to Kansas City and ultimately Sacramento. The Bengals made two Super Bowls from 1982 to 1989. The Reds won three World Series in 16 seasons. But the last quarter century has been grim.

Cincinnati fans have not seen a team advance during any stage of the playoffs — either a playoff win by the Bengals or a series win by the Reds — in almost 20 years. They haven't even been able to enjoy the past properly: When the Reds planned a celebration this April for the city's last champions, its beloved 1990 team, rain kept many fans from showing up.

Their list:

  1. Cleveland (Ha.)
  2. Atlanta
  3. Buffalo
  4. San Diego
  5. Washington
  6. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Phoenix
  9. Oakland
  10. Kansas City
  11. Houston
  12. Cincinnati
  13. Seattle
See? Almost off the list entirely.