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Jeremy Hill says he and Giovani Bernard feed off each other

Jeremy Hill sounds perfectly happy to share the offensive load with Giovani Bernard.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best backfields in football resides in Cincinnati.

The Bengals' combination of Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard carried them to the postseason last year. With Hill in his second year and Gio in his third, they should only improve as they look to carry Cincinnati on a deep playoff run in 2015.

On Thursday, Hill joined Alex Marvez & Bill Polian on Sirius XM's "Late Hits." He talked about how having Bernard actually made him better and how they fed off each other.

"For us, we just feed off each other and have great chemistry. Our offensive staff knows how to utilize both of our talents. Seeing the success he had as a rookie, it gave m e the confidence I could do the same."

Here's the full audio:

It's nice to hear Hill sound excited about playing together with Bernard. It's not often you see a backfield where the starter is so effusive that sharing snaps with his backup is a good thing.