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Bengals wide receiver Green having "best spring of his career"

According to, A.J. Green is having the "best spring of his career", leading us to conclude that the injuries from 2014 are "well past him."

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is having a great spring, per the mothership.

During a mailbag session (aka, Hobson's Choice), Geoff Hobson writes that "One observer who has seen all six workouts believes Green is having the best spring of his career and it looks like last year’s nagging injuries (inflamed big toe, bicep bruise, concussion) are well past him."

Green had his most frustrating season in 2014, missing four games (three regular season games and the team's wild card game) with turf toe and a concussion. Yet, despite the injuries and time missed, Green secured a spot on the 2015 Pro Bowl team and over the course of the season had 69 receptions, 1,041 yards receiving and six touchdowns -- OK, it was more about name recognition with Green and the Pro Bowl.

Andy Dalton targeted Green 24 times on passes beyond 20 yards and completed nine passes for 372 yards with four leading to touchdowns. Per the mothership, Green is the "only player" that's ranked in the top-four in receptions and yards receiving in their first four seasons -- he ranks first in NFL history with the most receptions in a player's first three seasons.