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Bengals Bites (6/6) - Early Retirement

The San Francisco 49ers lose another player this offseason as Anthony Davis retires at age 25. See what it is like to get cut from an NFL team. No fantasy football for Tony Romo.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

49ers Lineman Anthony Davis Retires To "Take A Year Or So" Off
The San Francisco 49ers continue to lose players. Offensive tackle Anthony Davis announced today that he’d retire, though the 25-year-old’s statement implies that it won’t be permanent.

This Is The Letter You Get When You're Cut By An NFL Team
CB Tramon Williams, a longtime staple of the Packers’ secondary (before signing with Cleveland this spring), started off his NFL career as an undrafted free agent signed by the Texans in 2006. He was released in Houston’s final round of preseason cuts, and yesterday on Twitter, he posted the letter he received upon getting the bad news:

Tony Romo's Vegas fantasy football convention in danger due to NFL rules | FOX Sports
A source told FOX Sports that the league informed the NFL Players Association that the inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention slated for July 10 to 12 in Las Vegas would be in violation of NFL rules by being held at a casino property (the Sands Expo) even though there is no gambling at the center itself.

How Have Cincinnati Bengals Addressed Biggest Weaknesses from 2014? | Bleacher Report
As the spring cool begins to give way to summer heat, the Cincinnati Bengals go through the paces of another offseason, working to implement new faces and improve upon glaring weaknesses from a season ago.

How can Cincinnati Bengals help center Russell Bodine improve in 2015? - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
With organized team activities (OTAs) in full swing for the Cincinnati Bengals, we'll be spending the next couple weeks taking a position-by-position look at where their offseason roster currently stands.