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Shiloh Keo on Vance Joseph: he's the best coach I've ever had

Vance Joseph might be the most talked-about secondary coach in recent memory.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It didn't take long for Shiloh Keo to find a home this offseason once the Bengals came calling.

After being waived by the Houston Texans in September of last season, Keo didn't play for another team in 2014. He instead waited until the offseason began, and jumped on the chance to join Cincinnati when they gave him a call.

It wasn't the Bengals organization though that attracted Keo as much as co-defensive back coach Vance Joseph. Keo spent the first three years of his career in Houston with Joseph, who was the Texans secondary coach from 2011-2013.

Having Joseph as his primary position coach during that time had a very significant impact on him, as he told Dan Hoard via

"He’s (Joseph) hands-down the best coach I’ve ever had," said Keo. "He’s so detail-oriented and makes sure that everybody is ready to play. He gives the same coaching to everybody – whether it’s a first year undrafted guy or a 10-year vet. He expects everybody to play at a high level and I definitely think that he brings the best out of everybody. I’m really fortunate and blessed to be here with the Bengals because I really like Vance Joseph and like I said, he’s the best coach I’ve ever had."

It's no secret the Bengals are also high on Joseph after what he did in just one year with the Bengals' secondary. His work in 2014 was beyond commendable, especially with the front seven giving his DBs little-to-no support at times. Joseph was also key in the development of third-year safety George Iloka, who went from average starter in 2013 to Pro Bowl-caliber player in 2014.

That led to teams like the 49ers and Broncos pursuing Joseph this offseason before the Bengals blocked their requests. It also led Marvin Lewis to say something that only reinforces what Keo said on Joseph being such a great coach.

"Vance Joseph is an excellent young football coach," Lewis said. "My boss and owner sees him as a star, and a guy that, as I told Vance, he could be sitting in my chair very quickly.

It's become easy to see why the Bengals were so adamant about keeping Joseph this offseason.