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Assessing Josh Shaw's Draft Value

The Bengals got Shaw in the NFL Draft right around when the USC defensive back was projected to be taken.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Bengals used the 120th pick of the 2015 NFL draft to select USC cornerback Josh Shaw.

Though it was a late fourth-round selection, Shaw was one of the more well-known prospects, though it wasn't for the right reasons. During his 2014 senior season, Shaw was a defensive co-captain for the Trojans. However, he ended up being suspended for 10 games and his reputation took a hit after he injured himself jumping off a balcony to avoid continuing a fight with his girlfriend.

Because Shaw only played in three games (plus the Senior Bowl), scouts spent more time focusing on tape from his prior years when Shaw was an All-Conference DB at USC while playing both cornerback and safety.

Had Shaw not had the off-field incident and been injured/suspended most of his senior year, he may have been drafted significantly higher than where Cincinnati got him. As it turned out, where the Bengals got Shaw was right around where he was projected to go in the draft.

If you average all six of those rankings, Dawson had a draft ranking of 116, meaning he should have been taken somewhere around the mid-to-late fourth round. Given the Bengals drafted him with the 120th pick, this was one of the few picks that was on par in terms of value where the selection was made.