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Bengals OTA Update: Margus Hunt, George Iloka still out

George Iloka and Margus Hunt have yet to practice in a Bengals OTA session thus far. Hunt was at PBS today in street clothes, but not practicing on the field.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals hit the field Tuesday for their second OTA practice this week; several notable players were still off-the-field with injuries.

George Iloka was the biggest name to be held out with an undisclosed injury. He wasn't even present for practice as he has yet to practice in OTAs, but the Bengals have said his injury is nothing serious. Iloka is also entering a contract year, so the sooner he returns, the better for everyone. Reports to date have said he should be back for Training Camp.

Margus Hunt was the other big name held out on Tuesday. He continues to battle an undisclosed injury that may force him to miss all of OTAs. His roster spot security continues to be at a standstill.

Josh Johnson was also not in attendance at Paul Brown Stadium today for unknown reasons, per

Receiver James Wright, linebacker Sean Porter, safety Shiloh Keo and rookie running back Terrell Watson were also held out Tuesday. Wright is coming off a torn PCL late last year, while Porter suffered a season-ending knee surgery during his NFL debut last season during the opening kickoff against the Patriots. He's still rehabbing that injury, though he Tweeted today saying his knee is "feeling good again". It's unclear as to why Keo and Watson were held out.

Two key veterans were limited on Tuesday: Andrew Whitworth and A.J. Green. Whitworth, as a proven vet has been participating in only every other session, though has been in attendance for all OTA sessions. The days off are simply to give him some rest. Green was catching some balls during practice and it's believed the reasoning for his limitation was to allow other younger guys to get more reps in during the practice session. Marvin Jones also took it easy on Tuesday, as he too is coming back from an injury. According to Geoff Hobson, "[Jones] said he’s fine and is ready to go for next week’s mandatory minicamp."

Adam Jones was also not in attendance at today's OTA, but not due to injury. As these sessions are technically voluntary, it appears he had other plans for the day. Jones was at a motorcycle event this afternoon, from which he shared videos on social media.