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Bengals Bites (7/1) - Draft Reflection

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Cleveland takes a look at how the Bengals draft. Tom Brady may not be able to join a country club. Can Andy Dalton win a playoff game?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals draft classes 2010-14: A look back |
There was a time not long ago when the Bengals could match the Browns' ineptitude in the NFL Draft. Not anymore.

Is The Country Club too exclusive for Tom Brady? - Metro - The Boston Globe
Word around the club’s meticulously manicured grounds is that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel spouse, Gisele Bundchen, whose mansion is just an errant tee shot away, would like to join. But it’s not clear if the club famous for understatement and insularity will accept the glamorous power couple as members.

Chargers, Raiders owners meet with L.A., Carson officials about stadium - LA Times
Chargers owner Dean Spanos and Raiders owner Mark Davis were in Los Angeles on Tuesday, meeting with Mayor Eric Garcetti and other political heavyweights and promoting their vision for a shared stadium in Carson.

Can Bengals QB Andy Dalton take the next step and win a playoff game? - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
Andy Dalton has made the playoffs each of his first four seasons, but as Cincinnati Bengals fans are all too aware, he's 0-for-4 in those opportunities. Is there reason to believe this year will be different if the Bengals make the playoffs again?

Bengals look to rekindle 'Fisher-Price' rush
You can never truly go back again, even if the memories of the past are fond. Revisiting the past is never quite the same, especially when you've developed carpel tunnel from World of Warcraft and grandma rolls out the friendly farm animals with the big red barn and silo.

USWNT Reach Their Potential, Beat Germany 2-0
It took six games, but against Germany, the number one ranked team in the world, the USWNT finally showed how well they can play. They got a very big break from a blown call for their first goal, but the Americans played better throughout the match and deserved their victory.