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Jeremy Hill led NFL in yards after contact in backfield

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In case you needed another reason why Jeremy Hill is awesome, Pro Football Focus' study on how RBs do when hit in the backfield only reinforces Hill's awesomeness.

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Few running backs were as physical this past season as Jeremy Hill.

The Bengals rookie running back rarely was taken down after first contact. It typically took multiple defenders to bring down the 240-pound bruiser out of LSU.

Pro Football Focus recent study on running back performance when hit in the backfield only reinforces that belief. their study of how well all NFL backs did when hit in the backfield show Hill managed a league-best 3.68 yards after contact when hit in those situations:

It did help that Hill played behind a dominant offensive line that allowed him to be hit just 34 times in the backfield for all of 2014. Still, being able to repeatedly churn out yards anytime he's hit right after getting the handoff is very impressive, and it's a big reason why he was so dominant the second half of last year.

Adding to this study, Hill averaged 2.29 yards after contact on running plays last year, the fourth-highest average in the NFL. What's even more amazing is the Bengals have made it clear they believe Hill can and will break even more tackles in 2015.

If Hill even slightly improves off his 2014 campaign, he'll soon be recognized as one of the best backs in football if he isn't already.