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61 days until Bengals' regular-season opener

So close, yet so far away... With 61 days until the Bengals regular season opener in Oakland, we take a look at the minimal history behind the No. 61 jersey.

In just 61 days, the Bengals will be back on the football field for their regular-season opener against the Raiders. So close, yet so far away... For now, here's a look at all of the former Bengals who wore No. 61 during their career in Cincinnati:

Jerry Boyarsky 1982-85
Bill Poe 1987 (Games 3-5)
Doug Aronson 1987 (Games 10-12)
Tom Rayam 1992-93
Melvin Tuten 1995-96
Tony Coats 1999
Reggie Stephens 2010
Russell Bodine 2014-15

There's no question that No. 61 is lacking in the history department for Cincinnati. Only eight players in franchise history have worn the number for only a combined 13 seasons, assuming Russell Bodine wears it this year. After all, Bodine is expected to be the starting center for the second year in a row after being drafted in the fourth round out of North Carolina in 2014.

Bodine then went on to start in every game his rookie year while helping anchor an offensive line that paved the way for the NFL's sixth-ranked rushing offense in 2014. Bodine certainly had his growing pains, but he should make some big improvements in just his second professional season this year.

Defensive lineman Jerry Boyarsky is the only Bengal to play in Cincinnati for more than two seasons while wearing the No. 61. Drafted by the Saints in the 5th round of the 1981 NFL Draft, Boyarsky spent one year in New Orleans before signing with Cincinnati the next year. He went on to play in 48 career games (14 starts) at nose tackle with the Bengals.