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Top 10 Most Random Bengals Merchandise Items

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If you're searching for the perfect, or really weird and not perfect at all, gift for a special Bengals fan in your life, look no further.

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If you're looking for obscure Bengals gear, the internet is a strange place and likely has whatever it may be that you're looking for. From lingerie to eye masks and of course Bengals vans, we've searched to find the strangest, most random and absolutely ridiculous Bengals gear, which you can be the next proud owner of.

1. Bengals Zombie

For $50 you can own your own Bengals zombie. Why would you want a Bengals zombie? Well, I'm not really sure. If you have any knowledge or opinions on this please leave them in the comments.

2. Rubber duck

Oh boy! It's the little rubber duck you've always needed. As noted in its product description, "this little guy will add the perfect touch of Bengals spirit to any bathroom counter or bubbly bathtub!" Alright, then.

3. Lingerie

I suppose if you're a female Bengals fan and you want to make your significant other (who's also a Bengals fan) a little excited, (note: don't try this on Steelers fans) Bengals lingerie would be a good place to start. For $37.50 this little outfit can be yours. You actually have a few options...

4. Bengals van

If you've been to Paul Brown Stadium on a game day, you've likely seen the many vans and buses decorated in Bengals colors and logos with varying features including beer on tap, surround sound, bathrooms and much more. For some crazy reason, a few of the owners of these vans are looking to get rid of their vehicles. Prices range from a moderate $1,200 to a more steep $20,000. If you buy one of these, I expect an invitation to your tailgate.

5.Eye mask

If you're the type of fan who likes to secretly show your loyalty to the team, a Bengals eye mask is the perfect gear for you! Wear it to sleep each night and have sweet dreams of the Bengals making it to Super Bowl 50.

6. Earrings

Dangling Who Dey charms from your ears totally won't look weird at all. I fully support this fashion statement. I just wonder what Dre Kirkpatrick would think.

7. Hair ties

Ok, so maybe I just bought these for myself, (don't judge me) but Bengals hair ties? Really?

8. Snack helmet

Win big at your next party by serving your chips or trails mix in this Bengals snack helmet. This dishwasher and microwave safe snack helmet may be the coolest item on the list.

9. Hair extensions

Going bald? Want to add some orange flair to your hair? If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further to find the perfect addition to the top of your head. As the witty product description says, "They're the simplest way to show that your team pride starts at the roots."

10. Toaster oven

Bengals toast sounds tasty, doesn't it? If you want a Bengals logo present on every slice of toast you eat from now through the end of time, this Bengals toaster is the perfect merch item for you. Ok, I can't guarantee this toaster will last for enternity. It might not even make it through the end of the year, but Bengals toast!!