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58 days until Bengals' regular-season opener

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Rey Maualuga is on pace to finish his career as the longest-tenured Bengals player to don the No. 58.

We're now sitting at 58 days until regular-season football is back for the Cincinnati Bengals. There's also exactly two weeks until training camp begins and 27 days until the pre-season. That's less than one month until the Bengals will be playing against the New York Giants on Friday evening.

Here's a look at all of the former Bengals to wear the No. 58 during their time in Cincinnati:

Al Beauchamp


Blair Bush


Joe Kelly


Alex Gordon


David Braxton


Steve Tovar (51)


Jay Leeuwenburg


Marc Megna


Jevon Langford (94)


Caleb Miller


Victor Hobson

2008 (Games 13-14)

Jim Maxwell (50)

2008 (Games 15-16)

Rey Maualuga


As soon as the Bengals franchise was born, the No. 58 was quickly taken by Al Beauchamp. Drafted by Cincinnati in the 5th round (138th overall) of the 1968 NFL Draft, Beauchamp immediately became an impact player in the Bengals' defense at linebacker. He played in 111 career games (83 starts) with the Bengals across eight seasons.

After Beauchamp, it didn't take long for the number to be taken again, this time by center Blair Bush. Drafted by Cincinnati in the 1st round (16th overall) of the 1978 draft, Bush played in 68 career games (65 starts) with the Bengals during a span of five seasons. Blair would end up leaving and playing with the Seahawks, Packers and L.A. Rams for a combined 12 seasons while playing in 178 more games (96 starts).

From there, another Bengals player wouldn't wear the No. 58 for more than three seasons until linebacker Caleb Miller did it this past decade. Drafted by Cincinnati in the 3rd round (80th overall) of the 2004 draft, Miller played in 39 career games (11 starts) with the Bengals at both middle and outside backer.

As for who's currently wearing No. 58, that's none other than Rey Maualuga, who's on pace to finish his career as the longest-tenured Bengal to don the number. Drafted by Cincinnati in the 2nd round (38th overall) of the 2009 draft, Maualuga has played in 85 career games (84 starts), most of which came at middle linebacker. People forget he actually spent his first two years at outside backer when Dhani Jones manned the middle.