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A.J. Green thanks Demaryius Thomas for getting new contract

Did Demaryius Thomas' deal help with A.J. Green's negotiations with the Bengals?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As A.J. Green waits for his first big NFL contract extension, two of his NFL brethren got their new deals done this week.

The Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys both gave five-year, $70-million extensions to receivers Demaryius Thoms and Dez Bryant respectively. Bryant signed a deal with $45 million in guaranteed money while Thomas got $43.5 million in guarantees.

This, while Green is set to play out the final year of his rookie contract in 2015 with the franchise tag coming in 2016 if an extension doesn't get done between now and next March. While Green is saying all the right things, he wants to get a deal done, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

If you need proof, look no further. Shortly after Thomas' contract announcement was made, Green texted him saying, "Thank you."

Because both Thomas and Bryant now have similar contracts signed, it's likely Green and his agent will use that five-year, $70-million deal as the framework of what Green's next deal will look like. In fact, Green and Bryant actually have the same agent, Tom Condon. So he'll have the experience of the Bryant deal under his belt as he begins negotiations on Green's deal, whenever that time comes.

One thing Condon will likely look for in Green's deal, is more guaranteed money than what Thomas and Bryant secured.