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Dalton ranked below average in another QB ranking

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How much does the media love hating on Andy Dalton... Too much.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another quarterback ranking and another placement of Andy Dalton way-below the middle of the pack.

Steven Ruiz with SportsWire ranked each starting quarterback in the NFL and Andy Dalton came in at number 23 with a comment saying, "He has no great attributes."

Do we believe Jay Cutler is deserving of the No. 18 spot or that Robert Griffin III should be ranked ahead of Dalton at number 22? Nope. So, let's not take this ranking too seriously, but is Andy Dalton really deserving of a ranking below 20? These rankings are somewhat questionable from the top down with Drew Brees ranked third ahead of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

The topic of Andy Dalton is highly debated among Bengals fans. Some love him and respect the Bengals' leading man for taking the the team to four consecutive playoff appearances. Others hate him for losing in all four of those playoff appearances. Whatever your views are, saying Dalton has "no great attributes", seems to be an uneducated, unfair opinion.

Ruiz continues, "When things don't go as planned, which happens a lot in the NFL, Dalton breaks down. Pressure causes his accuracy and decision-making to deteriorate."

While there have been occasions when the going got tough and the Bengals crumbled, such as when playing the Steelers last year, Dalton has led the team from behind to win on more than one occasion in 2014 alone. In Week 8 last year when the Bengals played the Ravens, they dominated the first quarter of the game before the Ravens began to catch up. Things started going Baltimore's way, but Dalton stood strong and scored a 1-yard touchdown of his own to secure the win toward the end of the fourth quarter. The Buccaneers game in Week 13 was another come-from-behind win.

In Week 16 when the Bengals played the Broncos, the game started with a devastating interception and A.J. Green got injured. Things definitely didn't get off to the start the Bengals had hoped or planned for. But, a touchdown from Jeremy Hill and then a touchdown pass from Dalton to Jermaine Gresham kept the Bengals in the game. The Broncos answered, but we all know how this game turned out. The Bengals came back from behind in the fourth quarter and with the help of two Dre Kirkpatrick interceptions, won the game. No deterioration here.

Ruiz's ranking were broken down by 5 categories, in which Dalton scored above average grades:

Accuracy: 7.5

Arm Strength: 7.5

Athleticism: 7.5

Pocket Presence: 7

Pre-Snap: 8.5

What do you think? Are these rankings a realistic look at the NFL's quarterback standings?