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57 days until Bengals' regular-season opener

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Reggie Williams is easily the best Bengal to wear No. 57, which is how many days there are until Bengals regular-season football!

Only 57 days remain until regular-season football is back for the Bengals.

In the meantime, here's a look at all of the former Bengals to wear the No. 57 during their time in Cincinnati:

John Matlock (52)

1968 (Games 3-14)

Ed Harmon


Evan Jolitz


Reggie Williams


Bernard Clark


Ray Bentley


Kevin Jefferson


Adrian Ross


Hannibal Navies


Andre Frazier

2006, '07 (Games 1-2)

Dhani Jones


Vincent Rey


The first player to wear 57 for multiple seasons ended up being not only the best to ever don the number, but one of the greatest Bengal ever. That was Reggie Williams, who was drafted by Cincinnati in the 3rd round (82nd overall) of the 1976 NFL Draft out of Dartmouth.

Williams spent his entire career in the Queen City while playing in 206 career games (196 starts) at outside linebacker in Cincinnati's 3-4 defense. He racked up 41 recorded sacks (NFL did not officially begin compiling sacks until 1982) to go with 16 interceptions and 23 fumble recoveries.

Later, Adrian Ross wore No. 57 for six seasons while playing in 90 career games (34 starts). Our own Alex Peterman caught up with Ross last October, who's nickname was 'Maddbacker' during his time in Cincinnati.

As for the current Bengals, Vincent Rey currently holds the No. 57, and has for the past four seasons. After being signed as an undrafted free agent out of Duke in 2011, Rey has become a prominent member on both defense and special teams for the Bengals. He's played in 66 career games (17 starts) while racking up 121 tackles.