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Mo Sanu on Bengals in 2015: It's going to be a great year

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Cincy Jungle scored an exclusive interview with Bengals wide receiver and trick play master, Mohamed Sanu. Sanu shared that he believes this year, is going to be a great year for the Bengals who have been chasing a playoff win for 24 years. "I have a feeling we're going to do pretty well," he said.

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If you're looking for a projection of how the Bengals' season may go, wide receiver Mohamed Sanu says the goal for the Bengals this year is to get to the Super Bowl.

"It’s going to be a great year," Sanu told Cincy Jungle. "I have a feeling we're going to do pretty well. We've done pretty well in the past, but this year if everyone stays healthy and everyone plays well, we can take it to the next step."

The next step is the elusive playoff win the Bengals have been chasing for not only the last four years, during which they've come up empty, but since January 6, 1991, which is the last time they won a playoff game.

Will this be the season in which the 24 year drought comes to an end?

"Our goal is to get to the Super Bowl," Sanu said. "That's everyone's goal, it would be foolish to say that wasn't the goal."

Many have said the Bengals are lacking that extra umph and motivation to get past the first round of the playoffs. But Sanu believes this year, the dynamic has changed. "Guys have a different mindset and moral and different goal and we're ready to take that next step," he said.

Though training camp is where we'll get a better glimpse of what the Bengals look like heading into the pre-season, Sanu says the team looked sharp during OTAs this spring and that everyone improved each day they returned to the field.

"Someone who’s caught my eye a lot is Darqueze Dennard," Sanu said. "He looked really sharp and has been playing really well and just doing his thing. I’m really looking forward to what he’s going to do."

As for his fellow wide receivers, Sanu says he, A.J. Green and Marvin Jones are like brothers. "We always help each other out. They ask me questions, I ask them questions, we're always sharpening each other up."

And, now that Marvin Jones is back, Sanu is hoping to see more snaps where all three of them are on the field. "It's great to have Marvin back because the three of us out there, we haven't had that many snaps all together in a while. So to get him back, to get all three of us out there, it's going to be fun and we're going to try and exploit the mismatch wherever it is. They can't all play everybody one-on-one.

When asked about some of the new guys in town, rookies Mario Alford and Sanu's former teammate at Rutgers, Tyler Kroft, Sanu only had positive things to say.

"[Alford] is very, very explosive fast," Sanu said. "He's just twitched up and he can run. He can do special things if you get him going and if we get him some identity on the offense, he'll be good for us."

Regarding his former teammate, Sanu said, "I love Tyler. He's a great kid and great athlete. He's going to do a lot of tremendous things for us. I think he's going to be great."