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Bengals Bites: Jermaine Gresham still not an option

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Jermaine Gresham is arguably the best free agent still waiting to be signed, but a reunion with Cincinnati is still highly unlikely.

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Jermaine Gresham still isn't an option for Bengals
With the Bengals set to enter training camp with little depth and experience at tight end, Jermaine Gresham is still waiting for a team to sign him. However, ESPN's Coley Harvey says there's little-to-no chance of the Bengals re-signing the enigmatic tight end. To this point, Gresham isn't drawing much interest from any team with under two weeks until camp opens for all 32 clubs.

Is there reason to believe Andy Dalton will improve?
In four seasons, Dalton started every game and led the Bengals to four consecutive playoff berths. Even so, Dalton turns 28 this October and still should be capable of improving in some areas of his game. He can be better by simply not having the cold and hot streaks he seems to have every year. Just staying more level could actually make him a better QB.

Roddy White wants Falcons to 'get a deal done with Julio Jones now'
While A.J. Green is now mentioned as the top receiver now waiting for a long-term deal, don't forget about his fellow 2011 draftee, Falcons Pro Bowler Julio Jones. He's been just as good of a receiver when on his A game as Green. Foot injuries and playing for a Falcons franchise that's been bad for two straight years has hurt his value, but you can be sure he'll be getting a deal worth not much less than what Green gets.

Should Falcons, Bengals offer five-year, $70 million deals to Jones, Green now?
Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio speculates if the Bengals and Falcons should go ahead and offer their franchise receivers the five-year, $70 million deals that Dez Byant and Demaryius Thomas got this week. With both players apparently content to wait, maybe taking advantage of their patience remains the smartest move and see if they can make it through 2015 without hurting their value. both players have combined to miss 15 games over the past two seasons.

Who will win the AFC North?
All four of ESPN's AFC North beat writers make their picks of the AFC North winner this year. Coley Harvey, Pat McManamon and Jeremy Fowler picked the Steelers. Jamison Hensley goes with the Ravens. It's hard to argue with those picks, but not seeing one selection for the Bengals is a little surprising. Then again, few people were picking Pittsburgh to win it last year. Going under the radar is by no means a bad thing.