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Chad Johnson goes on Twitter rant supporting Bengals, Andy Dalton

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Count Chad Johnson among those supporting the embattled Bengals QB as well as someone with high expectations for the team this year.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Though his days in the NFL are long over, Chad Johnson is still supporting the team that drafted and made him one of the league's best receivers.

Johnson took to Twitter today to make some bold proclamations regarding the Bengals, including an AFC North crown after narrowly losing it to the Steelers last year.

Most people are picking Pittsburgh to repeat as division champs, but Chad isn't buying the hype surrounding them. He also believes Andy Dalton is the QB that will get Cincinnati over the playoff hump and make a deep postseason run.

Note: The account Johnson is Retweeting is not actually Cam Newton.

Johnson makes some good points as to why the Bengals should win the division. Heck, they almost won it last year with a glut of injuries to key players, all of whom are expected to return healthy this year.

Apparently, Chad is not aware (or completely denying) Bengals fans actually booed Dalton at a recent charity softball game.

Who knows? Maybe those were Pittsburgh fans booing Dalton.