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Leah Still rings final bell for nearing end to radiation treatments

Leah Still is now one step closer to fighting off cancer for good.

The Liberty Bell bears the message for mankind to, "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof."

In short, it signals 'freedom', and Leah Still is now one step closer to being free of cancer and the constant treatment it requires. Leah has been undergoing her cancer treatment at the The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the city in which the Liberty Bell resides. Devon Still just posted this video of Leah ringing a bell that signals her final radiation treatment and coming one step closer to the freedom of beating cancer.

Leah's now 13-month battle with Stage 4 neuroblastoma appears to be nearing the end. The Still's announced that Leah was in remission in March; since then she has continued to receive treatment to ensure cancer cells would not return. Leah underwent a stem cell transplant following the announcement of her remission about two months ago, which led to a complication called VOD, or veno-occlusive disease.

That complication caused Leah to spend about 50 days at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and she was released in late June. Leah celebrated her fifth birthday in the hospital.

Now, Leah is back at home with her family and Devon said last week that she is almost back to her old self. Here's to hoping and praying all of the treatment, complications and anything else cancer-related are over for Leah.