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Carlos Dunlap approaching Eddie Edwards' sack record

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As Carlos Dunlap closes in on the Bengals' all-time sacks record, we're reminded of how Eddie Edwards should have more sacks on his record.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We could see a new sack king in the Queen City if Carlos Dunlap is able to have a big 2015 season.

Dunlap's 35.5 career sacks rank him fourth among the Bengals' all-time sack leaders. He's just 5.5 behind Reggie Williams for the No. 3 spot and eight behind Justin Smith for No. 2. Considering Dunlap has notched at least 4.5 sacks in every year of his five-year career, expect him to pass Williams at some point in the 2015 season.

As for the franchise's all-time sacks king, Eddie Edwards still holds that title. The former Bengals lineman has 47.5 sacks officially recorded, but all of those came from 1982-1988. That's because the NFL did not begin recognizing sacks as an official statistic until the '82 season. That means sacks recorded during his first five seasons are not officially part of his career total.

Considering he averaged  6.8 sacks per season when they were officially recorded, it's safe to assume Edwards' true sack total should be somewhere in the 60s or even 70s. That would put his record in a range where Dunlap would need several more good years from a sacks standpoint to get the record. As it stands, he only needs 12.5 in 2015 to break Edwards' record -- this is just Dunlap's sixth NFL season.

While it's a great accomplishment if Dunlap is able to break the Bengals' all-time sack record, Edwards should still be recognized as the franchise's sack king.