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Bengals Bites (7/24) - New Visits / Women Only

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Jermaine Gresham is going to spend some time with the Packers. A few reasons why the Oakland Raiders are no good. What is in the bathrooms where the St. Louis Cardinals play?

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Jermaine Gresham visiting Packers | ProFootballTalk
Add the Green Bay Packers to the list of teams interested in free agent tight end Jermaine Gresham. A source confirmed to PFT's Mike Florio that Gresham is set to visit the Packers this week. The visit was first reported by NFL Media.

Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Oakland Raiders
Some people are fans of the Oakland Raiders. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Oakland Raiders. This 2015 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

Cards Fans Love Stadium Because "There Are Drugs In The Bathroom"
Here are some of baseball’s best fans ticking off what they love about the Cardinals’ stadium, including the bathrooms and the food. Wait, the bathrooms? “Well, there are drugs in the bathroom. A ha ha ha, a ha.” It actually gets weirder from there.

LeSean McCoy: Bring Me All Of Your Women [UPDATED]
Bills running back LeSean McCoy is holding a party at a secret location in Philadelphia this Sunday, and all you have to do in order to attend is RSVP. There is one condition, though:

Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Mike Tomlin to Extension -
Always an organization that prides itself on continuity, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made it their goal to seek out and retain the best coaches the football world has to offer.

Aerosmith to Perform Concert Paying Homage to the NFL During Hall of Fame Weekend -
The legendary rock bad Aerosmith has been associated with the NFL for quite some time now. Outside of its roots in Boston during the early 70s, the group was known to play a great deal in the city of Cleveland early in its existence. Now on tour, the long-time favorite of rock fans everywhere will conclude its whirlwind adventure by playing a tribute concert in Canton OH. during Hall of Fame weekend next month.

Peyton Manning No Longer a Top-Five "Madden" Quarterback
The Madden 16 quarterback rankings were released this week. One notable surprise is that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning did not rank within the top-five players at his position. Apart from missing the entire 2011 season, Manning’s name has been a staple in the top five list for nearly 15 years.

Charles Haley to 49ers rookies: '‘Why don’t you all act like the white guys?'
“As far as the rookies, and I know they probably got mad, but I said, ‘Why don’t you all act like the white guys? You never see them in the paper getting high or hitting people,” Haley said during a conference call Thursday, via the San Jose Mercury-News. “Why don’t you act like that?’ They all looked at me crazy.”

Cincinnati Bengals mail Part 2: Which games are key for Andy Dalton? - Cincinnati Bengals Blog -
When they travel to Oakland on Sept. 13 for the season opener against the Raiders, the Cincinnati Bengals will begin the schedule regarded the NFL's second-toughest. It's a set of games that includes contests against the always-challenging NFC West, not to mention the annual six games against the rest of the AFC North, a division that sent three teams to the playoffs last year.

Report: "Influential" NFL Owners Pushing For Full Tom Brady Suspension
Roger Goodell is expected to hand down a decision on Tom Brady’s Ballghazi appeal any day now. (Whichever day it comes, it will almost certainly be announced at 5:30 p.m.) Here’s a Pro Football Talk report that claims Brady’s camp and the NFL have held talks on a potential settlement that would take the decision out of the arbitrator’s Goodell’s hands.