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Bengals height and weight centers around league average

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One report calculated the average height and weight for all NFL teams, as they stand right now. Cincinnati was roughly average on height in the top ten with weight.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals are average.

Settle down, mobsters. According to a chart pieced together by Bleeding Green Nation, the Cincinnati Bengals average height stands at 74.12 inches, or roughly 6.2 feet. This ranks 14th in the NFL. Yet how significant is this? The Philadelphia Eagles are the tallest team in the NFL, standing at 74.41 inches, with a difference of 0.29 inches. Despite the difference, Cincinnati has promoted speed with their players, as opposed to height.

"The biggest threat is vertical speed, not size," Jackson said while scouting players earlier this year. "If I’m faster than you, but you’re taller than me, I’m eventually going to find a way to get away from you. There are guys that make contested catches, but the common thread for success is speed. You’re not going to get open all the time, so you have to make contested catches. But you also have to be able to create separation so the quarterback can feel comfortable throwing it in there."

We humorously point out how much Cincinnati's average height changes if tight ends John Peters (six-foot-eight) and Matt Lengel (six-foot-seven) fail to make the 53-man roster.

On the other hand, while length is average, girth is preferred.

Cincinnati's roster averages at 247.84 pounds, which ranks ninth among teams in the league.