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49 days until Bengals' regular season

Guy Frazier and Jeff Thomason are among the notable former Bengals to wear No. 49 in Cincinnati.

We're now finally less than 50 days away from the start of regular-season Bengals football.

Now, it's time for a look at former players who wore the No. 49 during their careers in Cincinnati:

Guy Frazier 1981-84
Dana Wright 1987
Jeff Thomason 1992-93
Robert Bean 2000
Darius Hill 1986-87
Chris Carter 2014-15

The First

The No. 49 isn't a number you typically worn by NFL players. That explains why only six players have worn that number in the 47-year history of the Bengals. The first person to wear 49 in Cincinnati ended up being the longest-tenured with the number. Drafted out of Wyoming in the fourth round (93rd overall) of the 1981 NFL Draft, Guy Frazier went on to play in 51 games (10 starts) at linebacker through four seasons with the Bengals.

The Greatest

The player who ended up having the longest NFL career after wearing this number in Cincinnati would be tight end Jeff Thomason. Signed as an undrafted free agent out of Oregon in 1992, Thomason played in seven games (0 starts) through two years in Cincinnati. However, Thomason would end  up playing in 121 more career games (15 starts) with the Green Bay Packers (five seasons) and Philadelphia Eagles (four seasons). He finished his NFL career with 67 catches for 650 yards and 10 scores, but only caught four passes for 22 yards in Cincinnati.


As for the current Bengals, linebacker Chris Carter will wear the number this year, after ending the 2014 season on the roster. Carter was signed in Week 14 last year and went on to play in three games (0 starts) while making two tackles. He's appeared in 33 games (four starts) with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts and now will fight to rejoin the Bengals this year.