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Q&A with Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu

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Cincy Jungle spoke with Mohamed Sanu to hear about some of his favorite things, his career highlights and

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We caught up with Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu to ask him about his favorite Cincinnati restaurants, who he thinks the funniest Bengals player is and much more regarding the Bengals in 2015. See more about Sanu's expectations for some of the Bengals' offensive rookies and his hopes for what the Bengals will achieve here.

Rebecca Toback: How has it been having T.J. Houshmandzadeh with the team and coaching you guys?

Mohamed Sanu: It’s been good, he’s helped us out a lot and given us little techniques that he used that helped him in his game. He had an awesome career so having him there helped us out a lot.

RT: What’s your favorite Cincinnati restaurant?

MS: Chipotle. No haha, The Precinct, Jeff Ruby’s, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I eat a lot of different food.

RT: Who do you think is the best dressed on the Bengals?

MS: Beside me, I’d say A.J. dresses really well. Dre Kirkpatrick dresses really well. We have a lot of different guys that can dress.

RT: Who is the funniest on the team?

MS: A.J. is pretty funny, Wallace Gilberry is really funny. We've got a lot of funny guys.

RT: What was the best Big East Stadium you played in in college?

MS: Rutgers – I don't really remember the other ones.

RT: Favorite NFL game you've played in?

MS: The Baltimore home game this past year or the Panthers game last year I had a lot of fun both of those games.

RT: Skyline or Gold Star?

MS: Neither.

RT: When you threw the touchdown to A.J. in 2012 vs Washington, did you know it was going to be a touchdown?

MS: I knew as soon as it left my hand that he was catching that ball. I've been doing this for years.

RT: Do you hope to have more plays like that this year?

Of course, there’s not a lot of guys making plays like that too often.

RT: Who was the most competitive guy at the Bengals volleyball game this spring?

MS: I have no idea, my team lost twice so after that I moved on and started playing corn hole but there was a lot of competitive guys.