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Leah Still challenges Riley Curry to a dance-off

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Five-year-old Leah Still is challenging Stephen Curry's three-year-old daughter Riley to a Whip/Nae Nae dance off. Riley has pretty impressive dancing skills, can Leah win this battle?

Last week, on her third birthday, Riley Curry, daughter of Golden State Warriors basketball player, Stephen Curry, did the Whip/Nae Nae dance for her many fans via her mom's Instagram account. She pretty much nailed it.

But, Devon Still's daughter, Leah believes her whip is better and has challenged Riley to a dance-off, or whip-off, actually.

Devon has said that Leah lacks rhythm, but as evidenced by this video, she has been practicing.

Now, apparently, Leah is confident enough in her Whip/Nae Nae dancing skills that she's ready to challenge Riley to battle her in the dance. "I showed Leah the video of Riley doing the whip and all she kept sayin was daddy she can't do it better then me," Devon Still said via Instagram. "So I said if that's how you feel then challenge her to a dance off."

With the amount of publicity this has already received, we expect a response from Riley to come anytime now.