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Marvin Lewis can't wait to see Mike Brown hoist Super Bowl trophy

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Like fine wine, Mike Brown has become a better NFL owner with age.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Mike Brown wants to win.

For much of his tenure as the Bengals owner however, that hasn't always appeared to be the case. The franchise's darkest period came under his watch in the 90s, and the 2000s weren't drastically better. Brown has been accused of being cheap, greedy and more concerned with his own interests than that of the Bengals' franchise.

That's far from the truth. Though Brown hasn't always run the Bengals like a model franchise, he's slowly learned through the years how to, and part of that has been empowering those under him more frequently. Head coach Marvin Lewis is a great example of this, and Lewis can see as much as anyone how badly Brown wants to win, and win it all. He saw that clear as day in 2005 after the Bengals clinched the AFC North and a playoff berth for the first time in more than a decade.

"The overall smile was just winning the division," Lewis said in an interview with "Seeing Mike being happy. He deserved that. I can't wait to see him hoist the Super Bowl trophy. He deserves that. He would give anything to have an opportunity to hold that trophy. You are fortunate, he's here seven days a week. It's important to him."

Brown took over the Bengals franchise after his legendary father Paul Brown died in 1991. Under Brown, the Bengals compiled an abysmal record of 115-204-1 between 1991-2010 and made the playoffs just twice in 20 years during his ownership.

However, Cincinnati has gone 40-18-1 during the past four years with four consecutive playoff berths. Only the Patriots, Broncos and Packers have better records during that span.

Still, the black cloud of no playoff wins since 1991 will continue to overshadow Brown and the Bengals' franchise until they break through in the postseason. That still shouldn't negate how much Brown has helped the Bengals become a winning franchise after being a laughingstock for much of the past two decades.

Hopefully, Lewis and Brown reach their ultimate goal together and soon hoist the Lombardi trophy after a Super Bowl victory.