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Mike Brown warming up to "Ring of Honor" idea

Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown hasn't been one for nostalgia. However, the idea of a Ring of Honor is starting to gain momentum.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

A point of contention with Bengals ownership from fans (well, one of many), is the lack of remembrances of the team's most celebrated players. Whether it's a team-based Hall of Fame, retired jersey numbers, or the more widely used Ring of Honor, the Bengals have simply failed to honor their heroes.

During the team's media luncheon on Tuesday, Bengals president Mike Brown mentioned he is "revisiting" the idea, adding "we are aware of discomfort with our position" from fans and ex-players, saying he's been "stewing on it." has an independent Hall of Fame, while Cincy Jungle has incorporated our own last year with Paul Brown, Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson, and Boomer Esison among others.

There are several teams that proudly honor their greats, using a "Ring of Honor", like the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings and others.

On the idea, Brown said, "We don't trade on nostalgia... That's my fault."

How cool would it be to see Sam Wyche on the field again? Or Ken Riley standing shoulder to shoulder with Lemar Parrish as the most lethal cornerback combination in franchise history?