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Bengals working with "The Foot Doctor"

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The rookies may have been the ones reporting to training camp on Monday, but they weren't the only ones using the practice fields at Paul Brown Stadium yesterday morning.

Seth Minter

Seth Minter, also known as, The Foot Doctor has been working with Mohamed Sanu this offseason and Monday morning trained a number of Bengals players on drills and obviously, as his nickname dictates, footwork.

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From left to right: Top: George Iloka, Adam Jones, Sanu, Dre Kirkpatrick, Jeremy Hill, Darqueze Dennard. Bottom: Minter aka The Foot Doctor.

We spoke with Minter to hear more about his work with Sanu this offseason and with the Bengals players he worked with this week. Minter actually met Sanu through a former Bengals player -- Chad Johnson. "My fitness director works with Chad on a cigar line. We met in 2013. He's had a great influence on my style of footwork training. And when I met him, he exposed me to a lot as a great athlete with great foundation," Minter said.

Since meeting Sanu at the beginning of this year, Minter has traveled to New Jersey where Sanu lives about five times to work with him and this week was his first time coming to Cincinnati.

"At the beginning of the year [Sanu] wanted to break that 1,000 yard cliff for the upcoming season and is looking to do things he didn't do last year. He wanted to try a different style of training. So we've worked on foot speed, foot placement, working on explosion. He’s changing his whole dynamic of the game and more than anything body control," Minter said.

"Being able to have body control and balance can make you a more dynamic player on the field. We’ve worked a lot on that type of stuff and a lot of foot speed, control, agility work, athletic posture. He’s a pretty tall guy. Chad is a very tall guy too, but he plays very low. That’s very uncommon for a tall guy. Shorter guys they tend to be more shiftier so Sanu was trying to work on having a more athletic, lower posture."

And after a few months of work with Sanu, Minter says he can really tell the difference. "I'm proud of Sanu," he said.

As for which Bengals players impressed him the most on Monday, Minter's top choice (other than Sanu) was Burkhead. "You have to get adjusted. One guy who really did get adjusted and impressed me immediately was Rex Burkhead. He just got it and was able to reciprocate everything I told him."

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Here's a video of Burkhead's work with Minter. This is great to see and to hear from Minter how well he did as the last we saw from Burkhead, he injured his knee in the final days of OTAs and was held out of the last OTA practice. He should be good to go when Training Camp opens on Friday.

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Another Bengals player who impressed Minter was Hill. "Jeremy Hill is definitely a big guy and for him to be able to move and be as agile as he is, it was very impressive," Minter said. "They really set the expectation. I already knew Sanu was going to look good because he already had my expertise laid on him and was one step ahead of the game. It’s a different style, something you’ve never did before."

Minter believes he's changed the mindsets of the players he met in Cincinnati when it comes to training. "I feel confident in my training, I can make anyone a better athlete. You know your job and what you do at your position. So what I do is try to make you a better you. And I think a lot of the guys understood. Kirkpatrick said to me, "I wish I knew it was like this,"" Minter said.

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Emmanuel Lamur missed the Monday morning training session with Minter, but after hearing about how well things went for those who did attend, he scheduled time with Minter for Tuesday morning, before Minter left to return home to Baltimore. Vontaze Burfict is also interested in working with Minter once he's fully rehabbed and back up to speed.

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These videos show Sanu's work with Minter. He's looking pretty darn good.

On his style of training, Minter had a great example to explain why it's not all that easy to catch on quickly. "It’s a different style, something you’ve never did before. It’s like a new song. The first time you hear it, did you know the words? Of course not. But what happens when you keep hearing it over and over. It becomes familiar and natural to you. That’s what I want it to be, muscle memory, to become part of your playlist."

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Jones also posted this picture from Monday morning's workout, which includes Shawn Williams.

Minter mentioned there's a chance he'll be returning to Cincinnati during training camp to continue working with the players and, he spoke with wide receivers coach James Urban about continuing to work with more Bengals before the start of the season. "He thanked me and said he can see the difference in Sanu. He said the time they have in practice is so limited, so it’s great what you're doing."

The Foot Doctor definitely seems to know what he's doing. Follow him on Instagram to check out more of his impressive footwork.