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Harvard study: Jets, Dolphins have better odds of making playoffs than Bengals

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Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

recent study from Harvard University has given the Bengals a 39 percent chance of making the playoffs this year.

Harvard student Kurt Bullard created a model he used to determine the chance each team has of making the playoffs by evaluating the most important players on the roster. You can read more about Bullard's method here, which, to no surprise, show the Seahawks and Packers will be the best teams in the NFL this year.

Here's where Bullard's study maybe goes off the reserve: He has the Dolphins leading the AFC with a 77 percent chance of making the playoffs and the favorites to win the AFC East. These are the same Dolphins who haven't made the playoffs since 2008 and have just one winning season since 2006.

Oh, and Bullard's study has the Jets with a 56 percent chance of making the playoffs this year. I really don't care if the Bengals play the Seahawks 16 times this year. I'd still give them a better shot at making the playoffs than the Jets.

Here is the full list of predictions from the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective:

(Overall ranking, team, percentage chance of making playoffs) NOTE: Overall ranking is not fully determined by playoff chances.

1. Seattle Seahawks: 95 percent chance of making the playoffs (Highest chance)

2. Green Bay Packers 93 percent

3. Miami Dolphins 77 percent

4. Kansas City Chiefs: 66 percent

5. New England Patriots: 62 percent

6. Denver Broncos: 62 percent

7. Detroit Lions: 53 percent

8. New York Jets: 56 percent

9. Indianapolis Colts: 62 percent

10. Buffalo Bills: 43 percent

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: 51 percent

12. Houston Texans: 54 percent

13. NY Giants: 42 percent

14. Cincinnati Bengals: 39 percent

15. Philadelphia Eagles: 35 percent

16. Dallas Cowboys: 23 percent

17. San Diego Chargers: 33 percent

18. Atlanta Falcons: 51 percent

19. New Orleans Saints: 42 percent

20. Arizona Cardinals: 29 percent

21. Chicago Bears: 25 percent

22. Washington Redskins: 18 percent

23. Carolina Panthers: 19 percent

24. Cleveland Browns: 20 percent

25. Minnesota Vikings: 12 percent

26. San Francisco 49ers: 12 percent

27. St. Louis Rams: 10 percent

28. Baltimore Ravens: 9 percent

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3 percent

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 percent

31. Tennessee Titans: 2 percent

32. Oakland Raiders: 1 percent