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Q&A with George Iloka on favorite Bengals moments, 2015 outlook

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Rebecca Toback spoke with George Iloka to hear about what he's looking forward to this season, his favorite moment as a Bengals player and much more.

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George Iloka has enjoyed the offseason, working out with Carlos Dunlap, Sean Porter and friends from other NFL teams, too. Though he didn't participate in OTAs due to what's being called a minor injury, he should be ready for Training Camp come July 31. Iloka spoke with Cincy Jungle's Rebecca Toback recently to discuss his outlook on the 2015 season, how he's spent his offseason and the player who has most influenced his NFL career. If you haven't checked out our six fun facts post with Iloka, also from this interview, you can read that here.

Rebecca Toback: What are you most looking forward to this season?

George Iloka: This season, going further and making the Super Bowl. Personal goals, playing better than I did last year and having more of an impact.

RT: What has your favorite moment been as a Bengals player?

GI: The game where I had two picks, that was pretty cool. Most exciting was probably last year’s game against the Broncos, the way that ended or the previous year against the Patriots, the way that ended and played out.

RT: What are your hopes for what the Bengals can achieve this year?

GI: Obviously getting a playoff win and if we win hopefully even making it to the Super Bowl. For me personally, I think the sky is the limit. We have talent across our roster all the way from the starters down. For the past few years we fell short, but whatever it is, that’s what we really want.

RT: What’s your relationship like with Mark Carrier?

GI: He’s taught me a lot. We came in together and I just learned to listen to Mark. He played the position at a high level, he was a Jim Thorpe award winner and was a great safety. He really talks to you and gets excited. You can coach someone and tell them to do something, but it’s different when you're out there. He's helped me with things in my game on the field. He’s done a good job in coaching me and helping me take my game to the next level.

RT: What do you think of the improvements the Bengals have made to PBS this year?

GI: The improvements have been pretty big. It really invites guys to go in there on extra days if we want. I like it, I’m always there anyway. I spend a lot of time there.

RT: What player has been most influential in your growth as an NFL player?

Not one in particular. Each coach has given me a lot of different things. Chris Crocker was so smart, taught me things that you really wouldn't pick up. He’s given me a lot of things that he learned during his career. He helped me out a lot.

RT: How has your offseason been?

GI: It’s good I was down in Miami with Carlos [Dunlap] and Sean Porter. That’s who I've been training with the last two offseasons. It’s warm and good weather so you can also lay out and relax.