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Top 10 Potential Bengals Breakout Players 2015: No. 1, Jeremy Hill

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We conclude the ten potential Bengals breakout players with a second-year guy that has star potential written all over him.

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I know what you're thinking: "Didn't Jeremy Hill 'breakout' last season as a rookie with the Bengals?". In a way, yes, he most certainly did. The former LSU Tiger exploded onto the NFL scene at the end of the year with 929 rushing yards and six touchdowns in the final nine games of the season. With the amount of injuries the team limped through during the back stretch of the year, Hill and the offensive line carried the team to the postseason once again in 2014.

Still, both the Pro Bowl and Offensive Rookie of the Year honors escaped Hill. NFL fans fell in love with Odell Beckham, Jr.'s amazing catches (who was also on the same LSU team as Hill), and the best Bengals rookie rushing performance since Corey Dillon in 1997 was pushed into the background. This year, many believe No. 32 will be rubbing elbows with superstardom.

Why He Makes The List:

A big emphasis on running the ball in 2015: Four of the Bengals' top seven draft picks in 2015 are players who will aid in blocking up front. While not all will start, some will play immediately, particularly in jumbo formations, allowing the team to impose their will. While Giovani Bernard will cut into Hill's touches (and will be effective in his own right), Hill should be the No. 1 back from the get-go this year, which should also help his statistics.

An outstanding offensive line and fully-stocked offensive weaponry: The Bengals' line is one of the best in the NFL and, thanks to the re-signing of Clint Boling this offseason, will remain intact for 2015. Continuity is key up front and the Bengals have that going. The group also seems to be a bit more effective with Hill's one-cut running style than the dancing of Bernard. If everybody can stay healthy through training camp and the preseason, receiving threats will garner attention and the team could effectively use draws and other tricky plays.

Man, he's good: Hill was the fourth-highest rated running back on yards-after-contact last season at a 2.29 average. He's got quick feet, a big frame, and also has the ability to take the ball all the way. This offseason's focus for Hill has been to improve his lower body strength even further and the expectation is he will break even more tackles in 2015.

2015 Outlook:

There are some who experience "sophomore slumps", but we're just not seeing it happening to Hill. The skill, offseason work ethic and increased workload from Week 1 on seem to have his arrow pointing up. He'll be a high pick in most fantasy league drafts, could push for a Pro Bowl berth and may become one of the top backs in the league if all goes according to plan. He just needs to stay healthy and "stay turnt".