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Bengals Bites: NFL News Dump

We saw a flurry of suspensions come out yesterday prior to the 4th of July weekend beginning. Will we see more today?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

4 NFL players suspended for PED and drug use
The NFL is notorious for announcing negative news prior to a major holiday. That's why it wasn't a real surprise to see them announce four different suspension on Thursday before the 4th of July weekend begins. Will we see more news break today? Patriots QB Tom Brady and Panthers DE Greg Hardy are currently appealing their own suspensions, so maybe we see the NFL announce a decision on one or both of them today.

Cowboys and Dez Bryant are close on a new contract
An agreement on an extension for the All-Pro receiver could be announced as soon as Monday as the Cowboys look to lock up Dez Bryant. This will help set the market for other receivers looking for big paydays, including Denver's Demaryius Thomas, Atlanta's Julio Jones and Cincinnati's A.J. Green.

MLB an option for Russell Wilson?
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said he'd "definitely consider" resuming his pro baseball career were he traded to the Seattle Mariners. Wilson's MLB rights are currently owned by the Texas Rangers, but this is probably just a negotiating ploy as he looks to become the NFL's highest-paid player. Maybe the Cincinnati Reds should trade for him...

7 players eligible for 2015 Supplemental Draft July 9
The NFL announced on Thursday that seven players are eligible for the 2015 supplemental draft. No player has been picked in the supplemental draft since 2012 when Cleveland used a second-round pick on Josh Gordon. Clemson offensive tackle Isaiah Battle has a good chance to be drafted this year.

Ben Roethlisberger once ran up $25K tab on rookie's credit card
Ex-Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall revealed an interesting story about Ben Roethlisberger and a rookie's abused credit card. The NFL has long been known to be brutal on rookies through various acts of hazing, but this is pretty low.