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NFL Releases 2015 Fine Schedule

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The NFL released the 2015 schedule of fines this week, addressing costly contact fines with an official or malicious Bruce Lee impressions against each other. There's even the Gaylord Perry fine, known as "foreign substances" on one's uniform fine.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This year's fines from the NFL have been released and while many of them are your typical monetary penalities for fighting, taunting, or roughing the passer, throwing a football into the stands will now cost players $5,787 for a first offense and $11,576 for a second offense.

The first two offenses are clear enough; we imagine the third offense warrants a suspension, some inconsistencies from the Commissioner's office, or a fine at least three times greater than that of the first offense.

Physical Contact with Official $28,940 $57,881
Verbal or other Non-Physical Offense Against Official $23,152 $46,305
Fighting $28,940 $57,881
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (active involvement) $5,787 $11,576
Unnecessarily Entering Fight Area (no active involvement) $2,893 $8,681
Excessive Profanity, other Unsportsmanlike Conduct $11,576 $23,152
Taunting $8,681 $11,576
Football Into Stands $5,787 $11,576
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $8,681 $17,363
Horse Collar Tackle $17,363 $34,728
Face Mask $8,681 $17,363
Leg Whip $17,363 $34,728
Late Hit $8,681 $17,363
Spearing $23,152 $46,305
Hit on Defenseless Player $23,152 $46,305
Blindside Block $23,152 $46,305
Roughing the Passer $17,363 $34,728
Low Block $8,681 $17,363
Chop Block $8,681 $17,363
Foreign Substances on Body/Uniform $8,681 $17,363
Chin Strap violations $8,681 $11,576
Personal Messages $5,787 $11,576
Other Uniform/Equipment Violations $5,787 $11,576

Let's hope the Bengals stear clear of these violations.

(h/t: Pro Football Talk)