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Al Saunders working with Bengals receivers

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Al Saunders has been coaching football since 1970, and has been in the NFL since 1983.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Bengals hit the field for the first day of training camp, there was an interesting face among their coaching staff.

That was veteran NFL assistant Al Saunders, one of the game's best offensive minds for much of the past three decades.

Saunders has more than 30 years of NFL experience as an assistant and was the head coach of San Diego from 1986-88. His real success has come as an offensive coordinator. He actually worked under Hue Jackson when they both were in Oakland during the 2011 season.

After Jackson was fired in 2012, Saunders would remain with the Raiders with the title of Senior Offensive Assistant from 2012-14. He then retired this offseason, but it appears he's already back on an NFL field in some capacity.