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4 Bengals represented in 2015 Triplets U Tourney

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Jeremy Hill, Gio Bernard, AJ McCarron and A.J. Green represent the their respective college teams in's Triplets U bracket tournament.

Which Bengals represent the cream of the crop from their college teams? is pooling all current NFL rosters to come up with the 32 best quarterback, running back and pass catcher trios among student-athletes at their respective schols. All representatives on the list are currently employed as pro football players, though they may not be starters, or have even played in an NFL game.

A team of employees, led by Dave Dameshek are narrowing down a bracketed competition of the triplets which A.J. Green, Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard and somewhat surprisingly, AJ McCarron are featured on. Each represent their alma maters, Georgia, LSU, UNC and Alabama, respectively.

Eight teams are in each section of the bracket representing the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl (where LSU is competing), Fiesta Bowl (where Georgia is placed) and Rose Bowl (where Alabama and UNC are slotted). Joined by Green are Matthew Stafford and Todd Gurley. LSU has a young team with Hill, Odell Beckham Jr and Zach Mettenberger. Alabama's team features Eddie Lacy and Julio Jones alongside McCarron. And with Bernard are T.J. Yates and Eric Ebron.

The bracketing is ongoing, but three of the four teams with Bengals on them have made it to round two. McCarron's team, Alabama beat out Bernard's team, UNC in the first round.

In round two, Georgia is matched up against Pittsburgh and seems to have the edge, LSU will face off against USC and Alabama is paired with Michigan.

This bracket competition may have been more fun if actual football was involved, but we'll take it for what it is.