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69 days until Bengals' regular-season opener

There's no debating who the best Bengals player to ever wear No. 69 is.

We're now 69 days away from regular-season Bengals football being played.

Here's a look at the history of the No. 69 in Cincinnati.

Sherrill Headrick .............1968

Tim Krumrie ....................1983-94

Alex Stepanovich ............2007

Clinton McDonald ........... 2010

DeShawn Williams...........2015

As you can see, No. 69 doesn't have a strong history with the Bengals in terms of how often players have worn it. Maybe that's because few have dared to wear it since one of the greatest Bengals ever wore it for 12 seasons.

Defensive tackle Tim Krumrie is easily one of the best to ever don Bengal stripes. The 276th player selected in the 1983 NFL Draft (10th round), Krumie went on to become a two-time Pro Bowler, a First-Team All-Pro selection in 1988 and a Second-Team All-Pro selection in 1987. His 34.5 quarterback sacks rank him fifth all-time among Bengals players and his 188 games played ranks fourth.

Krumrie's career-defining moment wasn't a play that happened on the field though. It was how he bounced back from the broken leg he suffered during Super Bowl XXIII when the Bengals played the 49ers. As Krumrie was coming off a block in the first quarter, his foot planted into the ground and the pressure his weight put on his ankle joint caused his lower leg to snap above the joint.

Krumrie was later diagnosed with a broken tibia and fibula before a 15-inch steel rod was surgically implanted to stabilize the leg. Krumrie battled through his rehab so fast that he was ready for the 1989 regular season and went on to play in 96 straight games following the injury before retiring in 1994.

That's greatness right there.