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Robert Livingston describes role with Bengals as "phenomenal opportunity"

New Bengals defensive/special teams quality control assistant coach, Robert Livingston has a winning mentality and a strong love for football.

The Enquirer/Cara Owsley

Shortly after the draft, the Bengals promoted Robert Livingston to defensive/special teams quality control assistant coach. Prior to his promotion, Livingston had been a scout for the team for three years.

Livingston was a high school quarterback in North Carolina and per a Times-News story, his high school coach CJ Laughter knew if Livingston were to some day become a coach, the sky would be the limit.

Now, he's getting the chance to join Marvin Lewis' coaching staff and to try and help the Bengals make it to the playoffs this season and then clinch that elusive post-season win.

Livingston says his new job and the fact he'll be on the field with the Bengals on Sundays is a dream come true. "It's a phenomenal opportunity," Livingston said. "It's something that I've always loved."

Livingston comes from a football family. His grandfather played high school football and his father played on the football team at Clemson. Livingston started his college football career at Western Michigan but injuries derailed his ability to play for the team and he transferred to William and Mary for his final three seasons of eligibility, where he played safety.

In a 2009 interview with the William and Mary website during his senior season, Livingston said he hoped one day to get into either coaching or find a job in a football front office. Now, that hope is coming true. In that same interview, he said, the one thing he wanted to accomplish that season was a championship. "Once you start winning, you just have that mindset of ‘I have to win’."  That seems like the kind of mindset the Bengals need to have this season and a good mentality to add to the coaching staff.