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Adam Jones with hilarious response why he needs a good season

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones spoke to the media about his expectations in 2015, and how this is an important year. Why? It's kind of funny (and honest).

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Wacky Pac-y is being wacky -- we're not necessarily surprised either. During Friday's practice, while special teams coach Darrin Simmon was providing instruction for his punt coverage team, Adam Jones kept fielding punts with more and more footballs:

This isn't unusual and personifies how Jones is one of the more entertaining, and interactive, players at training camp. He does the football trick a lot. During Saturday's lockerroom session, Jones talked about how this was an important year (well, better than last year).

Because it's contract time?

His response rings so true.

Jones, who turns 32 years old this September, is entering the final year of his three-year deal. During Friday's training camp session, he took a majority of the first team snaps at cornerback alongside Dre Kirkpatrick, while Leon Hall mostly played from the slot.